Google Notebook – New and Improved

The Official Google blog today announced the release of the new, updated multi lingual version of Google Notebook. Put simply it’s a free service that provides a very easy way to save and organise research and thoughts as you browse. It’s provides very similar functionality to the snipit service that I have discussed previously on this blog.

Users can make their Google Notebook public and share the notes they’ve taken with others. As a result, the time and effort put into their research can be harnessed by the online community as a whole. Each note has a heading or title and you can drag and drop notes in order to organise them within a notebook. The interface, like most Google products, is intuitive and easy to use. I’ve installed the FireFox extension for Google Notebook which build support for clipping content and create notes directly into the browser.

Have to admit, I really like it.

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