ThoughtPolice – VM Images for major OS’s

At Talis we’ve been doing a lot of work using vmware, I routinely run a Fedora Core 5 image for developing code in, which works wonderfully well on the dell laptop I have which has virtualisation support and lots of memory 😉 I also have Red Hat, KNOPPIX and SUSE VM machine for trying out other things.

One of my colleagues, Rob Styles, introduced me to, who have provided VM Images of many popular distros, this lowers the barrier hugely since I dont have to worry about installing a distro from scratch which can be time consuming. I use this site regularly and recommend that anyone who might be thinking of setting up a virtual machine running a linux distro to check here before installing from scratch.

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  1. Thnx for putting this up again. Lost the link in my bookmark collection and just recently tried to remember the name!

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