SearchMash, Google Spreadsheets and Google Docs updated

Looks like Google have been busy. Theres been major updates to Google Spreadsheets and Google Docs. You can access both at using your GMail account. In addition to being able to create documents and spreadsheets using Googles new online editors you can also upload documents in MS Word, OpenOffice, RTF, HTML and Text. Once you have created your document you can download it to your desktop in any of the above formats. The same is true of Google Spreadsheets. You can also invite other users to share your documents online. Finally you can now publish your online documents and spreadsheets directly to your blogs!

SearchMash Logo

SearchMash is Google’s new web search interface, just without the Google branding apparently in an attempt to ensure impartiality amongst test users. The new search interface boasts some cool features – integrating web search, images, video, blog and Wikipedia searches all into one dynamic page with modules that expand and collapse. I really do like it … it aggregates results from several sources onto one easy to use screen. Try it for yourselves.

1 thought on “SearchMash, Google Spreadsheets and Google Docs updated

  1. interestingly enough though google answers will stop to exist

    As someone points out, it did not meet the demands that google had for this, although it seemed to be quite popular!
    ive seen similar services arising around specific branches as well (esp. in the law field where you can offer a sum and a lawyer might answer it (or not if the price was too low)
    Thats y I find it, and the discussions on slashdot, interesting in respect to stopping buisness in a field thats likely to grow

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