Installing IE6 and IE7 on One Machine … well kind of.

I’ve been playing around with testing some changes to the user interface for our Project Cenote research prototype. Unfortunatly the new IE7 update was rolled across all the machines at work and it means I cant test to see how the changes I’m playing with look or even work in IE6. Anyway I tried to look around to see if it was at all possible to have both version of the browser running on a single machine – and thats when I came across an interesting article by Jennifer Kyrnin entitled How to install two version of IE( IE6 and IE7) on One Machine.

I was a little disappointed though I guess I was kind of hoping for a solution that didnt involve creating a Virtual Machine. The article does tell you exactly how to get two versions of IE working on the One Machine, however the only way to get it to work is to use run a Virtual PC running an instance of Windows XP that has IE6 installed in it. That way your native PC has IE7 and you can flick to your VPC to test pages with IE6. Its an excellent little tutorial and well worth a read if you need to get around the problem. I prefer VMWare over VPC and I guess I’ll get our wonderful support team to set up a VMImage running WinXP for me without the IE7 patch but still ….

I do get a bit frustrated at the fact that I cant simply choose to install IE7 without loosing the ability to use IE6 … but that would probably mean that Microsoft would have to seperate their browser from the OS – of which its still seamingly an integral part.

Oh well its a good thing that IE isn’t the only browser out there … did I mention how much I really, really like Firefox! It’s totally free, you can run more than one version on a single machine, and its still much better rounded and far more extensible than IE.

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