ea_spouse : Follow Up

I received an email from Erin Hoffman ( aka ea_spouse ) who filled me in on what has happened since she originally penned the article that I discussed a few blog posts ago. I’ve quoted a bit of the email below:

Your blog post was very thoughtful, thank you very much for sharing that as well. As we move forward it is critical that positive work environments get a spotlight shown on them as much as the negative ones, so your account of your workplace is very important in displaying to the rest of the world that breaking the backs of developers isn’t necessary for business or product delivery.

I think Erin is right in that although there are many really negative stories out there, there are also positive ones and its important for people to also present those as examples of how you can run a software business without breaking the backs of the developers charged with building products and services

Erin made public her identity last April, and since then has worked with others to set-up a quality of life focused organisation called http://www.gamewatch.org. I have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for Erin and what she has accomplished so everyone, please, if you have a moment do take the time to visit the site and their forums at http://www.gamewatch.org/phpBB2/

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