Movie: Miss Potter

Had a tough day at work trying to get my head around RDF and Jena, but got what I wanted to do done! Felt a bit drained by the end of the day but hey its Friday so Amanda and I decided to catch a movie. We ended up watching Miss Potter. We actually laughed as we walked into the cinema to see all the chairs empty, we thought cool we can sit anywhere, but just as the film started four or five other people walked in ( no I didn’t throw popcorn at anyone … honest! )

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Even though I’m going to get labelled a guardian-reading-tree-hugging-liberal (or worse) by Sam, I’m gonna go ahead and admit that I really, really enjoyed the film. It was really wonderful, magical and extremely heart warming. It was tinged with a little sadness half way through but the film ended beautifully. Renee Zellweger’s performance as Beatrix Potter was excellent as was Ewan McGregor’s performance as her publisher. The location’s particularly in the Lake District and the Isle of Man were stunning. I loved the way they combined animation into many of the scenes.

I definitly recommend the movie!

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