Top 100 Alternative Search Engines

Charles S. Knight has a compiled his list of the Top 100 Alternative Search Engines. The article makes for an interesting read as he describes his method of analysis by comparing them to Google under a set of categories he defines.

What made me grin the most was the reference at the end of the article to Asimov’s The Last Question, an excellent short story that wonderfully suggests an answer to the question “is Google’s mission to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful, a fait accompli“. In fact for making that observation/link alone Charles gets a thumbs up from me.

4 thoughts on “Top 100 Alternative Search Engines

  1. Lol … yup … I’ve read the story a number of times, felt a bit sheepish when I read your article because I’d never thought to make the link myself. I’m finding the list quite useful, many thanks Charles.

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