UFC 67 – Silva retains title, and Rampage dominates Eastman

Just finished watching the highlights of UFC 67. Some pretty good fights. Quinton “Rampage” Jackson made his debut against Marvin Eastman – the first round lacked any real action as the fighters tentatively circled each other and tried to find their range, which did lead to the crowd booing a lot. Jackson ended the fight pretty quickly in the second round with some pretty accurate punches, knocking out Eastman. I’m not overly impressed with Jackson’s performance, it could just have been nerves given that it was his debut, but I have to say I expected a lot more aggression from him, he was extremely passive for most of the first round until right at the end when he stunned Eastman with a right uppercut followed by a left hook. He made short work of Eastman in the second so maybe im nit-picking :p

The main event between Travis Lutter and Middle Weight Champion Anderson Silva was quite impressive. The fight was overshadowed by Lutter’s failing to make the weight, as a result it went ahead but wasn’t a title fight. At one point I thought Lutter had the fight won when he got the Silva onto the mat twice in quick succession. However Silva fought extremely well from the bottom and survived Lutter’s onslaught. Silva ended the fight in the second round with an attempted triangle choke followed by a succession of lefts and right when Lutter mis-timed a takedown and took a vicious kick to the head.

I’m impressed with Silva he’s an exceptional striker and because of that people often overlook his excellent Jiu-Jitsu skills.

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