Movie: Notes on a Scandal

Had an interesting evening last night. Was feeling a bit down so Amanda decided to cheer me up, after work we went to a Morrocan restaurant in the city center called Zaragoza’s which was actually really really good. We spent a couple of hours there chatting before heading of to the cinema to watch Notes on a Scandal.

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It’s not often a movie creeps me out to the extent that I can’t sleep, but this one sure as hell did. Kind of wish we had just watched Hannibal Rising instead … ok im being unfair the film was excellent Dench gave an amazing performance as Barabara Covett, an unpopular and lonely old history teacher. Blanchett’s performance was also excellent as Sheba Hart, the new arts teacher who embarks on an affair with an underage student.

Without giving two much away the story focuses on the “friendship” between these two characters and at times its actually quite disturbing. Dench is really creepy as her character manipulates Blanchett’s

All in all the the evening was a lot of fun, and I it did cheer me up … so thanks Amanda!

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