Xtech 2007 : Arrived in Paris

My fellow Talisians and I flew into Paris earlier this evening and managed to find our way, eventually, to the Novotel Paris Tour Eiffel hotel. After we checked in and freshened up we all met up in reception and wondered off towards the Eiffel Tower in search of somewhere to eat, and eventually found a lovely little restaurant where we spent the better part of the evening. It was a really pleasant evening, spent most of it laughing and joking, but also discussed what we wanted to try to achieve whilst we are all here.

The walk back to the hotel was really pleasant, in fact I remember an old friend once saying that the true soul of a city is revealed at night, and I did sense that was true of Paris, or perhaps thats just the romantic in me.

The conference doesn’t officially start until tomorrow but we are all pretty excited to be here. There’s going to be some very interesting talks on tomorrow and I suspect I’ll probably camp in Amphitheatre C for the talks on the Ubiquitous web. I’m not sure if the other’s have decided which talk’s they are going to sit in on but I have no doubt we’ll all be meeting many of the attendees here this year.

I’ll echo some comments made my colleague, and our newly promoted CTO, Ian Davis:

“So here’s the pitch from the new CTO: if you want to face the challenge of creating something world-changing; if you like the idea of a company that controls its own destiny and is small enough for you to change it; if you never want to stop learning; then I want to hear from you.”

“Come and find me at XTech this week, or grab one of the other 8 Talisians that are going and get the lowdown on what it’s really like to work here. If you can’t make XTech, then email careers@talis.com and tell them I sent you :)”

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