Semantic web and other ramblings with some fellow Talisians over a curry …

Danny AyersHad a wonderful evening tonight, Ian invited us all out for a curry with Danny and his lovely wife Caroline. Unfortunately due to the short notice fewer of us were able to attend than I suspect Ian had hoped for. In fact it was only Danny, Caroline, Ian, Amanda and myself.

Danny and Caroline are both wonderful people – both are self confessed geeks and each has a diverse range of interests. I’ve been looking forward to being able to catch up with Danny; the last time we had a chat was at the Talis Summer Ball but that evening was full of frolics and not really the forum for any meaningful conversations about the future of the semantic web, the flexibility of RDF or FOAF and it’s value.

Danny’s a tinkerer – he likes to play with things, he likes to experiment with ideas and create things, which means he  looks for new ways of thinking about old problems and in doing so I think he comes up with equally novel ideas on how to solve those problems. I really like that. Some of his ideas are fascinating, some just scary and others are simply beyond my grasp (but I im not worried about that as Danny said I’m still just a bloody youngster!) . Of course all this could just mean that he’s a total nutter … but guess what? if he is… then he’s come to the right place! 😉

I think I learnt a lot this evening about Danny, and a great deal from talking to him. He certainly has that infectious enthusiasm we’ve come to kind of expect from everyone in our team. But to top it all off he’s a great guy and I’m really looking forward to working more closely with him and hopefully learning a lot more from him now that he’s part of our team at Talis.

It’s been a great evening and I had a wonderful time! 🙂

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