Some more useful Firefox extensions

Been using several  very useful Firefox extensions that have made my life considerably easier lately.

The first is called Duplicate Tab, which allows you to create a new tab that duplicates a currently open tab – along with all its history. I’m finding this very useful when im writing SPARQL queries against our platform where I invariably end up having lots of tab’s open because I often write a query, run it, but then want to be able to keep the results open so I can write another query but to do that I have to manually open a tab, navigate to the bookmark … and thats tedious when your trying to get stuff done. Its so much nicer being able to run the query – and then duplicate the tab, hit back in the duplicated tab and now I have one tab with the results in it and one tab with the editing pane in it … away I go!

The second is the Google Preview extension. When you do a search in Google this extension inserts preview thumbnail images of websites, which I find quite useful.

The final extension is Pearl Crescent Page Saver (basic), which allows you to take a screenshot of the current page your viewing in the browser as a png. 

2 thoughts on “Some more useful Firefox extensions

  1. Like the Google preview! Thanks matey. Very handy.
    It’s worth trawling through all your geek speek posts every once and a while to find somethign of use to us mere mortals 😉

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