Nodalities Magazine Issue 2

The second issue of our Nodalities Magazine is out today. It’s free to subscribe to if you want a printed version, or you can view it online by clicking on the image below or download the pdf here:

  • Blue Oceans – Ian Davis and Zach Beauvais discuss the ‘Blue Ocean’ opportunity facing those who embrace the Semantic Web
  • Social Networking – Garlik CEO Tom Ilube introduces the notion of ‘social verification’
  • Environment – David Peterson puts semantic technologies to work in the fight against Climate Change
  • Predictable Mavericks – Talis CEO Dave Errington looks back at the company’s past, and forward to a semantically powered future
  • Open World Thinking – by me! in it I offer my thoughts on how Semantic Web developers need to see the world differently
  • Dow Jones and Thomson Reuters – Read transcripts of recent conversations with these factual information powerhouses, and learn how the Semantic Web is being put to work.

Talis has launched a magazine called Nodalities that bridges the divide between those building the Semantic Web and those interested in applying it to their business requirements. Supplementing our blogs, podcasts, and Semantic Web development work, Nodalities Magazine is available – free – online and in print, and offers an accessible means to keep up with this rapidly evolving area.

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