Archery: Audley Bowman

Had fun last weekend on what was my first NFAS field shoot in a couple of months, wasn’t too sure how i’d get on, but we did practise during the week leading up to the shoot at Audley Bowman’s near Stoke. We also decided that since I’m competing in the Great Devon Challenge on the 1st August, which is an 8 day shoot, I needed to switch to slightly more powerful bow. The Audley shoot was the first time I had ever shot with it and I have to confess it was not easy, I struggled to draw the bow at first, but during the course of the day I became used to it. So much so that I scored one of my highest scores ever, 484, and actually managed to outscore all the the members of our club.

It was a slightly unusual shoot from my perspective because it was divided into two separate courses, each of 18 targets. The two courses were set up in a field and in a wood about a half a mile away so it might have been a little disconcerting for the locals to see a hundred or so archers wandering through their village. It was also a very wet day, hence a lack of photos, but it was thoroughly enjoyable.

It was also the first shoot in which every member of the club took part – so KNTA was well represented on the day, it was me, Richard, Cliff, Simon, John, Tony, Phil and Alex. I was competing in the mens HT along with Simon, whilst Phil was competing in the Junior HT. Everyone else was shooting longbow on the day. Tony, Phil and Alex all won medals on the day in their individual categories which was great for them and for the club.

It was a great day, as usual all my pictures are on flickr here.

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