Why do some people always complain about something, yet do nothing to change the situation?

By far the simplest answer to this question is: complaining is easy but actively trying to change things requires work!

I always hated it when people start off a diatribe by saying “There’s two kinds of people in this world …”, yet I find that I’m about to do exactly that. It feels to me that you’re either the kind of person that see’s something that’s wrong and decides to do something about it openly and honestly… OR you’re the kind of person who sits there whining and complaining about things but doesn’t have courage or the conviction to get up off your ass and actually do something about whatever it is that is bugging you.

If you disagree with something, if you think you’re being treated unfairly, or you perceive that there’s some kind of injustice being perpetrated then, grow a set of balls, find you’re voice and confront the issue. You might actually find that other people lend their voice to yours and you can actually effect change, or at the very least they’ll respect you for speaking up.

I don’t require or expect anyone to agree with me over anything I do in life or write on this blog … I always speak my mind, openly and honestly, my words are my own and they reflect what I believe, and how I perceive the world around me. I hide behind no-one. I always try to change those things that I disagree with, I don’t always succeed but at least I speak up. If you don’t like me, or you feel differently to me then find your own voice, and make yourself heard and fight to change that which you disagree with … but in doing so, please, have the courage to do it openly rather than cringing like a coward behind the anonymity you’ve chosen.

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.
            Mahatma Ghandi

2 thoughts on “Why do some people always complain about something, yet do nothing to change the situation?

  1. Parents have been complaining for 31 yrs. I’m 30 yrs old. They’ve owned a business for so many yrs & my mom never seems to think there’s ever a good day. They always complain of being in debt but at times by a miracle find money to spend. This is only 2% of what they complain about. Anger & taking out spite when things don’t go their way

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