Installing PHP5 +apache2 using Macports on Leopard

I have had all sorts of fun and games trying to get php5 and apache2 installed on Leopard using macports. Six months ago I eventually gave up after lodging a ticket with no matter how hard I tried or what advise I followed it simply wouldn’t install. In the end my colleague Andrew tar’ed up his /opt folder and I copied that onto my machine and did a chown to my username/group and had a working php5 and apache2 install.

I had some problems yesterday getting yaz installed on ubuntu and decided to follow some instructions that Andrew gave me to install it on Leopard instead. I decided to bite the bullet and attempt to do a pure PHP5 apache2 install under macports again, and then use port to install php-yaz. Suffice to say that I ran into similar problems to those I encountered six months ago.

However after persevering I managed to get it all installed what follows is a summary of how I got it to work, in case anyone else out there ( and judging by the board posts that’s lots of you) is still struggling, or waiting for Macports 1.7.0 to be released.


Once it is done follow the original instructions here.

This is so convoluted!! I hope the Macports folks sort this out. Even the ticket I raised didn’t specify the steps I took as a fix, and I basically stumbled onto them through trial and error. If anyone has a better explanation for why this worked then please let me know. Otherwise I hope it helps anyone else experiencing the same difficulties.