Batman : The Dark Knight

I went to watch the new Batman film earlier in the week with Amanda. I have to admit I was somewhat skeptical as to whether it would live up to all the hype in the media. few movies rarely live up to these kinds of expectations and can sadly leave you feeling rather disappointed. Batman:The Dark Knight, however, does not disappoint. It is an amazing movie. They seem to have really gone back to the origin’s of the character in the original comics – Christian Bale plays an intense, brooding Batman, and truly succeeds in capturing the characters stark duality. But whilst Batman might be the star of the show, it’s Heath Ledger’s performance as the Joker that really lifts this movie. Heath Ledger’s Joker is mesmerizing – he succeeds in reinventing the character as a twitching, macabre, brutally evil psychopath who is smothered in gruesome, smeared make-up. His Joker wreaks bloody havoc across Gotham City with no apparent aim, it’s a spine-chilling character study from Ledger.

I thoroughly recommend this film!

On a seperate, related note, I also watched the new Batman: Gotham Knight, animated movie last night. It’s very much done in the same vain as the “Animatrix” movie, in that it this 80 minute movie is a collection of six short stories all masterfully animated using six very different styles that fills the timeline between Batman Begins, and Batman: The Dark Knight, and introduces some of the characters that appear in the sequel. If you’re an anime fan, definitely check this out.