Archery: Hanson Bowmen

Had a wonderful day on Sunday. Me and Richard, along with the other members of Kings Norton Archers attended the shoot at Hanson Bowmen near Derby. It was a fantastic day. For me and Rich it was a pretty early start he picked me up from my place at about 06:30 am and took me over to his new place at Benson School. We made breakfast for everyone else and made sandwiches and got everything together we would need for the day … before setting off at around 08:30

When we arrived there we got kitted up and registered for the shoot. We then split into two groups Richard, John, Alex and Phil were in one group and Me, Simon and Ciff were in another group. This meant that we didn’t actually see the other group till the end of the day ( or for five minutes when we broke for lunch and caught up at the tea tent). Cliff, Simon and me were joined in our group by Bob Tate from Wolverines Archers – a wonderful wonderful man who was joy to shoot with, not only was Bob a very good archer but also a great person and in many ways a wonderful ambassador for this sport.

Our group finished the shoot around about 4:30 so we were out there for a just under six hours, and I have to confess it didn’t feel like six hours , but by the end of the day everyone felt physically tired, it’s hard work walking through a muddy wood all day long. For the most part it was dry but there were some short spells of rain – but this didn’t dull our enthusiasm and certainly didn’t stop us enjoying the day.

I was also very proud of the fact that I scored just under 400 points, Cliff was our leading scorer but Bob came third overall for the day which he thoroughly deserved.

Here’s a few pics from the day but As always you can view the pictures from the shoot here.

Kings Norton Traditional Archers, from left to right: Phil, John, Alex, Richard,Simon, me, Cliff

Me shooting in the rain …

Bob Tate from Wolverine Archers, a true gentleman and wonderful archer!